Lunarcast 06 – The Antacid Crew

AntAcid is the brainchild of two distinctly talented musicians and DJ’s Mark Pauley and Kyle Griffin from Santa Cruz, California. Armed with a MIDI clock, an arsenal of analog and digital electronic instruments and a taste for the warehouse emanations of yore, AntAcid brings a fresh take on the essence of Detroit and Chicago Acid with their 100% live sets.

Griffin has been involved with the Full Moon party scene in Santa Cruz since 1999. He met up with Pauley at the venerable Colors, a weekly event showcasing the label-talent of Argon records, and Raindance Productions. Both Griffin and Pauley have gone on to represent a wider range of musical expression in the Bay Area. Griffin became an integral member of Raindance and Nexus as a resident DJ of both as well as stage management and soundtech for the now legendary Nexus Funktion 1 Soundsystem, while Pauley co-founded the clandestine “San Francisco Song Club” production workshop along with Mr. Projectile, EPROM, and Comma, and became increasingly interested in the design and production of electronic hardware suited for live performance.

After independently collecting pieces of sequencer driven hardware it became increasingly clear that their production interests were aligned and they formed AntAcid with the intent of pushing the envelope of music with a certain focus for Techno on the west coast.

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Antacid’s Souncloud


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